SECEIP: the Software Engineering Competence Evaluation Internet Portal (

Developed in the framework of the project “iSECRET – Implementation of Software Engineering Competence Remote Evaluation for Master Program Graduates” financed by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Commission, the Software Engineering Competence Evaluation Internet Portal (SECEIP) constitutes a modern, multifunctional web portal addressed to the European educational community.

Following an authentication procedure, SECEIP allows its users (students, professors, assessors etc.) to access several functionalities designed and developed in order to permit the evaluation and certification of the competences obtained in the framework of the Software Engineering & Software Technology Master Program, aiming to the improvement of the existing curricula so as to meet the current needs and requirements of the labour market.

Towards this, SECEIP is the front end of several components, the most important of which is the Master Programs Competences’ evaluation system. This module is responsible for the realization of the remote evaluation process of academic and professional competences related to the selected study subjects that compose the suggested Syllabus Template for Joint Master Program on Software Engineering. The whole system is emerging by the decomposition and utilization of the European e-Competence Framework and an advanced suggested Rubrics system.

The main component of SECEIP is the Competence Evaluation Application, a web application that implements the evaluation of the software engineering study procedure and ensures the exchange of information and data among students and professors.

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